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  • The CONNECT! Higher Education Course for students

    This training course is the result of the intellectual output 3 of the Erasmus+ project CONNECT!. All the partners contributed to its development that had its intensive germination phase from October 2020 to May 2021.

    The development of this training course for higher education is based on the results of the national and cross-national reports delivered in the intellectual outputs O1 and O2. For an extensive evaluation, we refer the readers to the entire documents (Project Outcomes – CONNECT! ( Here we wish to remind three key drivers that guided us in the curriculum development: the need of supporting the reciprocal knowledge and cooperation between career counselors and HR professionals, an increasing attention toward vulnerable groups of workers, and make the organization more ready to meet 21st century challenges.

    This training course is aimed at students who have basic knowledge in work and organizational psychology and in career guidance and counseling. It could be of interest for all the courses that aim to provide knowledge and competences about the links between the two fields in the context of small and medium enterprises.

    The training course structure: course consists of 5 unitsEach unit includes 3 learning sessions for a total of 15 sessions

    Typically, in each unit, the first session describes theoretical approaches and synthesizing the literature, the second one introduces methods and tools, and the third one focuses on practice.  

    Each learning session will last 90 minutes, that is 4 hours and 30 minutes for each unit and a total of 22.5 hours.

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  • UNIT 1: The Changing world of work

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  • UNIT 2: Innovative concepts and development for company-based career work/HRM

    UNIT 2: Innovative concepts and development for company-based career work/hrm is exploring innovative concepts influencing enterprise-based career work. Not only the megatrends in the world of work require changes in career development.
    Also, innovative management theories are influencing and turning the understanding of leadership and the role of employees with impact on career development.
    The short video will introduce one of the most important current challenges for enterprise-based career work: Turning to a Learning organization.
    Together with some more challenges it will be further investigated in unit 2 of the course for counsellors and coaches.

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  • UNIT 5: Changing in practice the organizations

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