Connecting Career Counselling and Human Resource Development in Enterprises for Higher Education and Training in Practice


In Europe more than 220 million people are employed, working in smaller or larger companies. Alongside their working life people more frequently need to adjust and develop their career. Lifelong Career Guidance and related services are a relevant means in this context (EU resolution 2004; 2008). In face of demographic change, forthcoming digitization and individualization, economic crisis, global competition and skills shortage many organizations around Europe are coming under increasing pressure to find and keep talented employees at all levels of skills who bring the right qualification, competence and motivation. At the same time employees get mobile, search for attractive, stable and future-oriented job opportunities and need support to access labour offers all around Europe.

Innovative, individualised lifelong guidance: Key role of future career counsellors

Students and professionals as (future) HR experts and practitioners, scholars in University and trainers in VET sector, counsellors and coaches in public or private services play a key role for the implementation of the envisaged change. CONNECT! will address them as direct target groups by courses and trainings. Career topics will be integrated in study programs in different disciplines and interdisciplinary study programs. Indirect targets are the more than 220 million employees (individual beneficiaries). Being aware of the fact that of course the project cannot reach all these people, it aims to make a difference in the future practice of career development in enterprises. The target group includes employees of all age, all levels of education and qualification as of hierarchy. This includes explicitly those employees who face special difficulties and risks. VET students and trainees from higher education sector are of special interest.

CONNECT! – Connecting CGC with Human Resource Development: Innovative Higher Education Course


The aim of the project is to connect career guidance and counselling (CGC) on the one hand and human resource development (HRD) in enterprises on the other hand for higher education and training in practice. Based on the project outcomes as defined by the project partners, the most fruitful resources developed will be retained, categorized and shared with individuals in academia and in the private sector over a three-year period. The project is expected to enhance career guidance, counselling and coaching, as well as related forms of support for employers and their employees.


Project Title: CONNECT! – Connecting Career Counselling and Human Resource Development
in Enterprises for Higher Education and Training in Practice

Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education

Project No.: 2019-1-DE01-KA203-005010

Period: 01/09/2019 -31/08/2022

Coordinating institution: Hochschule der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (HdBA) (University of Applied Labour Studies of the Federal Employment Agency) (Mannheim, Germany)

Participating countries: Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, Greece, Serbia, Lithuania


Germany Italy Austria Netherlands Greece Serbia Lithuania